Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lying is Not Patriotic

A short approximately 5 minute piece by Ron Paul in Congress!


Yea! I got my old Blogger BambisMusings back!

Well, Blogger is not my main blog, but when I moved to WordPress in 2005, I deleted my Blogger blog and it was taken over by spammers or worse, and eventually Blogger realized it and took it back and would not let anyone have it for awhile.

Too late, I realized it is unwise to delete old blogs or it could be used in a bad way by those who would like to hurt your viewers.

A lesson hard won. But now, I now have it back 5 years later!

I will likely mainly post about other blog postings on my WordPress Blog, but occasionally will also post separately here.

Feels good to have my old blog name back again!